What is a free customer?

It is the user who can directly negotiate their electricity rate, without being subject to prices established by the service provider, so they will have the power to choose their energy providers.

Article 147 of the General Law of Electric Services, indicates that customers who are connected to the network and whose power is greater than 500 kW and less than 5,000 kW, can choose to be regulated customers or Free Customers and on the other hand If the power is greater than 5,000 kW, they must be Free Clients.

If the connected power is less than 500 kW, regulated clients are classified, having the possibility of migrating to free clients with an increase in power.

What is the difference between a regulated customer and a free customer?

The regulated tariff is the value paid to the distribution company with concession in the area, for customers who are within the classification of “regulated customers”, such as: residential and small commercial consumers. Regulated tariff is not negotiable, as they are determined by law.

By migrating from a regulated rate to a free tariff, you can choose your energy and access lower prices saving from 20% to 30% on your electricity bill, which represents an excellent saving opportunity for your company.

Due to the increase in competition and the arrival of non-conventional renewable energies, in the last four years the prices of electric energy have fallen, offering better tariffs for free customers. It is projected that this decrease could also be reflected in regulated customers, in approximately six years. If you already meet the requirements to become a free client, why wait? Change today!

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How can we help you?

In Blue Light Energy:
  • We advise you on how to change from a regulated client to a free client
  • We take care of lowering your annual energy costs, processing the necessary documentation and contracts.
  • We are constantly looking for new improvements to optimize savings on your final electricity bill.
  • We offer you the option of contracting 100% of your energy from renewable sources, achieving savings in your company and the seal of environmental responsibility.